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Rug Cleaning Services:
At Silk Road Odyssey, 
We have a variety of services including:
Organic Hand wash of Oriental rugs, 
Area Rug Cleaning, 
Color Run Removal, 
Color correction,
Pet stain and Pet odor removal,
Rug pad,
Rug Appraisal, 
Complete Rug Repair and Restoration
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Hand wash of Rugs of all types, sizes & materials,
At Silk Road Odyssey we hand wash Persian & Oriental Rugs with the outmost care and attention your valuable rugs deserve.
Our superior area rug and kilim cleaning services are an important way we help our clients preserve and care for their handmade kilims and rugs.
Our team of experienced craftspeople cleans rugs and kilims using effective and safe techniques employed by the most experienced artisans throughout the carpet weaving world. In order to assess how best to care for each piece entrusted to us, we provide a detailed pre-inspection of every piece - from the smallest kilim to the palace size Persian carpet.
After we pick up your area rugs and take them to our rug care facility, we carefully examine them to make ensure the rug integrity is preserved through the cleaning process and the dyes used in the rug are fast and no color run will occur during the washing procedure. Following the initial inspection the rug will go through the following stages;
Dust Removal, Washing by Hand, Soft Water Rinse, Extraction, Special Drying Process, Fringe Cleaning,

Dust Removal:
One of the most important steps is to remove the dirt and soil trapped deep inside the foundation of your rug. This coarse soiling grinds against the fibers of your rug when walked on and is the main cause of wear. The less soiling your carpet has, the longer it will last. Once the dust is properly removed, the rug is ready for the wet wash.

hand-wash and Scrub:
Rugs are thoroughly Hand-washed and scrubbed with environmentally friendly oriental rug shampoo. This odorless organic shampoo specifically designed for oriental rugs removes the tough stains formed over time while restoring the soft, fluffy texture rugs are known for. Colors come out vibrant and bright. Because of the shampoo's lanolin infusing power, rugs come out with a beautiful shine and are now protected from future stains as a result of this now oily, shiny wool.

The Rinse:
​After shampooing rugs are thoroughly rinsed by a rinsing machine that uses several pressurized water jets to fully remove all soaps and residues from your rug's fibers. This is an extremely important step because soap chemically attracts dirt. This means that any soap that remains in the rug once dried causes the rug to get dirty faster than normal. With our specifically design rinsing machine, you can be sure that your rugs will get properly rinsed each and every time.

To prepare the rugs for the dry room, we first extract as much water as possible. On the opposite end of the rinsing machine, a 19' foot solid rubber roller under pressure from compressed air extracts excess water. This not only shortens the drying time, but allows your rugs to come out with a soft, fluffy texture similar to how landry comes out after being properly spun. This rubber roller allows even oversized carpets to be easily and effectively extracted for the dry room.
Delicate rugs are extracted by hand with a squeegee. Typically, very thin rugs are extracted in this manner. Rugs that are not able to get too wet because of weak dyes are rinsed and extracted with a steam machine which prevents the running of colors.

The Dry Room:
After the rugs are extracted, they are placed on a pole conveniently located at the end of the rinsing machine. The poles are then elevated upwards into our two story custom built dry room
Once dry, the rugs are taken down from the dry room and are prepared for the fringes to be scrubbed. After the fringes are scrubbed, they will be dried in the dry room once again. This double drying ensures that all rugs are fully dry before they are wrapped for delivery back to your home.

Because most rugs have a wool pile and a cotton fringe, we clean them separately and specifically. Here, the fringes are scrubbed with soap, water to clean white fringes.
After the fringes have been cleaned and extracted by a compressed air hose, they are sent to the dry room once more.
After our thorough carpet cleaning process, your rugs come out looking fantastic and ready to be delivered and installed.
Still have questions about our oriental carpet cleaning process? 
Please don't hesitate to call (415) 456-1817 with any questions you may have.
Area Rug Padding
Silk Road Odyssey has seen the worst and the best of  rug padding. We offer several padding solutions to meet the needs of various floor surfaces. Call us and we can explain various options and upon your selection we deliver to you the rug pad best suited for your rugs and your floor. We cut them to the desirable size which is approximately1 to 2 inches shorter and narrower than the actual size of the rug. This way the rug overlaps the pad and prevents showing of the pad along the edges.
We deliver and instal the pad under your rug(s).
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