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We regularly prepare rug appraisals for private clients, fiduciary advisors, and estate executors. They meet a wide-array of needs, including asset management, probate and succession, informed estate and tax planning, insurance purposes, a priori inquires about property acquisition, collateral loan agreements, gift tax documentation, and charitable contributions. 

Each property is comprehensively described based on our unrivaled experience in the international rug market to include origin, design, condition, medium, dimensions, provenance, circa, and replacement retail value. Our appraisal and rug evaluation is accepted throughout the industry and by courtsestate planning professionals, the Internal Revenue Service, and insurance firms

Within usually few days, the certified appraisal document will be postal mailed to you. 
Appraisal service is a prepaid, non-refundable service and appraisal fee is due at the time of appraisal.

Appraisal Fee: 

Number of Appraisals                Price per appraisal 

                   1st rug                                         $ free

                  2-5                                                $ 80 each 

                  6-10                                              $ 70 each

                 11 or more                                    $150.00

Call us today at (415) 456-1817 to schedule an appointment for examination and documenting your precious rugs or if you preffer you can bring them to us for evaluation and appraisal.
The appraisal package usually will be ready to be mailed to you within a few days.
Rug Appraisals  (Certified)
(Persian Rug Appraisal, Oriental Rug Appraisal)
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